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OKRs for a personal career path

July 11, 2020 • ☕️ 2 min read


Good Bad
Like xx xx
Dislike xx xx
  • The term Bad necessarily doesn’t mean what you are bad at, but it also means what you want to improve on, sometimes you haven’t had the time to do a particular task despite you having liked it etc.
  • At first, I did this activity myself and realised how difficult it was to arrive at the columns for dislike & bad and dislike & good. The latter was easier than the former.
  • Having realised this, I asked everyone to think deep and reflect on the nature of the work, learning curve, product etc. to be able to figure out the difficult parts.
  • The gist of this table is to ensure that nothing is really there on the dislike & bad column.
  • If something is there then that should be the immediate action item to work on.


  • Once this activity was done, the next step was to align this table with the OKRs.
  • The alternate way to look at this table is to look at the Good and the Bad columns from a company’s perspective.
  • For example, if you mentioned something in the Bad column, you could look into this as if this is really bad for the company.
  • So Good for you, might be Bad for the company or vice versa.
  • Based on this, it gets quite easy to create objectives and key results for a quarter.