What is humility

Posted on Thu 15 September 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with EM

Humility is the anecdote to arrogance. Humility is a recognition that we don’t know, that we were wrong, that we’re not better than anyone else. Humility is simple to understand but hard to practice. Humility isn’t a lack of confidence but an earned confidence. The confidence to …

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What is the EM aka Engineering Manager role?

Posted on Thu 15 September 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with EM

The following can be summarized as getting things done and the supporting activities that enable a high performing team environment:

  • Business Impact - Clear business metrics and working towards ambitious goals
  • Team Health - Team members are engaged and complement each other in achieving common goals autonomously
  • Productivity - MVP mindset, continuous improvements …

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Job hunting advice for beginners

Posted on Wed 07 September 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with advice, career, mentoring

Regarding the article that I mentioned about a portfolio website is not important while applying for your first developer job, here is the link to it.

In addition to that, as I mentioned during the call, focus on your learnings and convince the hiring manager of how much learning you …

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How to handle anxiety at work?

Posted on Thu 01 September 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with advice, mentoring

I am going through a lot of stress and anxiety these days and also I switched to new job. I am unable to perform since I am not focussed. Also taking some counselling. My manager has appointed a team lead to work with me daily for 2 hour and now …

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Is career in tech high pressure?

Posted on Wed 31 August 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with career, mentoring

I want to hear your opinion/experience on whether a career in tech is high pressure, depending on whether the role is in a startup, consultancy or something else(?).

Today I had to attend a job interview with a start-up while my kid was with me. The first question the …

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Women Who Code Fellowship 2021 - My experience

Posted on Sun 07 August 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with wwcode

I gave my first keynote at WWCode Connect Recharge 2022. I am humbled by this opportunity. As a leadership fellow with WWCode I get to interact with the community and be recognised as a leader outside of my regular day to day job too. Thank you WWCode!

I got featured …

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Women Who Code Fellowship 2021 - The application phase

Posted on Thu 07 July 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with wwcode

This was my pitch while applying for the wwcode fellowship.

Hi, My name is Princiya Sequeira. I am from India but now living in Germany. thanks to the job advertisement I found in the Women who code's newsletter 6 years ago which landed me a job here in Berlin. I …

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3 tips for volunteer management

Posted on Wed 15 June 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with wwcode, time management, advice

As a Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code, I talk to many folks interested in volunteering. These folks are either students or full-time job holders. They are usually excited about the prospect, but many fail to balance their time or even find the time and are ultimately unable to uphold …

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My Pitch

Posted on Sat 04 June 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with resume, pitch

It's been 10 months since I joined Anaconda and I realised I hadn't updated my Linkedin bio or other references to reflect this new job in the description.

I 💙 food and JavaScript! At Anaconda, I am now getting Pythonised!

I am a skilled programmer with strong communication skills and a …

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What to learn

Posted on Sun 29 May 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with mentoring

Today is the end of the 4 day long weekend. I have had a great Sunday so far, and I still have time today to quickly jot down something for a daily blog post.

I spend time with the WWCode Frontend technical track community as a Leadership Fellow. During the …

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