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Posted on Sun 31 December 2023 in Announcement • Tagged with blog

This is my new blog home based on Pelican.

See hello-pelican post.

Meanwhile, all old posts are here. I hope to migrate all of them to one place, soon!

Imposter Syndrome

Posted on Fri 26 May 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with draft

This post is from a LinkedIn snippet and not mine.

"Too often, we put pressure on ourselves to have everything figured out before we get started."

We want the perfect plan, the perfect execution, and the perfect outcome. But here's the truth: we'll never be able to perfectly predict the …

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Why are we slow to deliver?

Posted on Wed 26 April 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with draft

I have been pondering about this tweet a lot! It is not entirely tech debt for us, but overall we as PSP team are struggling because we cannot be fast and there are so many things we keep firefighting that are not visible outside …

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EM should code or not?

Posted on Sun 16 April 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with EM

An EM's job description and expectations vary from company to company.

Should an EM know how to code?

Offcourse Yes!

As part of the job description and day to day work - should an EM be expected to code?

I would say No, because there is so much an EM will …

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EM Habits

Posted on Thu 13 April 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with EM, draft

Life as a Manager is not easy. Over time, I have developed some habits that let me stay organised and get work done better and faster. I like to stay disciplined and not take anything for granted.

  • Block calendar. Calendar ettiquette is very important to me and I am a …

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How to reverse mentor?

Posted on Tue 04 April 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with advice, mentoring, draft

In case you have ever looked for a mentor 👩‍🏫 you have probably defined what your mentor should be like. But in a mentor-mentee relationship it is just as important to be a great mentee 👨‍🎓 ! Characteristics of a great mentee:

You are open to impulses and feedback 👂 You listen attentively to …

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Growing a Manager

Posted on Wed 29 March 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with mentoring, draft

They can do better than me. I need to trust in them to be able to do the job.

I went through a similar mindset and emotions when I stepped into a Lead role. I had to let go of the codebase that I wrote from scratch.

Growing a Senior …

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Autonomy - How do you manage this on your teams?

Posted on Sun 12 March 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with EM

An Engineering Manager peer recently asked this question:

The word of the day is: "Autonomy". How do you manage this on your teams? What are is limits (are there any) and what do you do if there is a bigger change the team covers up with you don't agree with …

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Do not be sorry

Posted on Thu 26 January 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with mentoring, advice, draft

As an under-represented person in tech, I used to use "sorry" a lot in my verbal communication.

Over time, I learned to avoid this.

Some examples:

Sorry, I am sick. I need to take a day off.

Do not be sorry if you are sick. When you are sick, you …

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How to prepare for performance reviews

Posted on Thu 12 January 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with advice, career, EM

It's that time of the year, for performance reviews. I want to write here about how you could plan it better and be prepared.

Start advocating for yourself

If you are new to this, you need to start from somewhere. This gets better with practice. For beginners new to this …

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