How to reverse mentor?

Posted on Tue 04 April 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with advice, mentoring, draft

In case you have ever looked for a mentor 👩‍🏫 you have probably defined what your mentor should be like. But in a mentor-mentee relationship it is just as important to be a great mentee 👨‍🎓 ! Characteristics of a great mentee:

You are open to impulses and feedback 👂 You listen attentively to …

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Do not be sorry

Posted on Thu 26 January 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with mentoring, advice, draft

As an under-represented person in tech, I used to use "sorry" a lot in my verbal communication.

Over time, I learned to avoid this.

Some examples:

Sorry, I am sick. I need to take a day off.

Do not be sorry if you are sick. When you are sick, you …

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How to prepare for performance reviews

Posted on Thu 12 January 2023 in Leadership • Tagged with advice, career, EM

It's that time of the year, for performance reviews. I want to write here about how you could plan it better and be prepared.

Start advocating for yourself

If you are new to this, you need to start from somewhere. This gets better with practice. For beginners new to this …

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Job hunting advice for beginners

Posted on Wed 07 September 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with advice, career, mentoring

Regarding the article that I mentioned about a portfolio website is not important while applying for your first developer job, here is the link to it.

In addition to that, as I mentioned during the call, focus on your learnings and convince the hiring manager of how much learning you …

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How to handle anxiety at work?

Posted on Thu 01 September 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with advice, mentoring

I am going through a lot of stress and anxiety these days and also I switched to new job. I am unable to perform since I am not focussed. Also taking some counselling. My manager has appointed a team lead to work with me daily for 2 hour and now …

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3 tips for volunteer management

Posted on Wed 15 June 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with wwcode, time management, advice

As a Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code, I talk to many folks interested in volunteering. These folks are either students or full-time job holders. They are usually excited about the prospect, but many fail to balance their time or even find the time and are ultimately unable to uphold …

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Reset and Recharge - my first keynote

Posted on Thu 26 May 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with career, story, advice, wwcode, speaking

Cover image

Slides - Reset and Recharge

When the phone battery drains, what do we do? When the laptop gets heated up, what do we do? We are forced to shut it down, or buy a replacement in the worst case. In this era, the blinking red battery icons on our smartphones, tablets …

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