Hello new year 2023!

Posted on Mon 09 January 2023 in Journal • Tagged with random

It's new years' time! Hope you all had a good holiday season, I did. I was in US in December; one week in Austin, Texas followed by another week in New York.

For this new year, I only want to renew my old resolutions:

  • write more actively
  • read more. I …

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Things that made me smile today

Posted on Mon 30 May 2022 in Journal • Tagged with random

Happy Monday! Yet another Monday, but I had a relaxing day today after a 4 day long weekend.

Bonus, it is US holiday today, it is memorial day there and my US colleagues are having a long weekend too. This is also the reason why my day is not too …

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How I spent my holiday

Posted on Fri 27 May 2022 in Journal • Tagged with random

It is a 4-day long weekend. Yesterday, 26th May was a German public holiday, and today is a snake day holiday from Anaconda.

I spent the entire day yesterday preparing for my keynote talk at WWCode Connect 2022, which was very well received. There was a lot of positive feedback …

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