Why are we slow to deliver?

Posted on Wed 26 April 2023 in Leadership

I have been pondering about this tweet a lot! https://twitter.com/hnshah/status/1647328545205817344 It is not entirely tech debt for us, but overall we as PSP team are struggling because we cannot be fast and there are so many things we keep firefighting that are not visible outside. We need to work on that. I don't know HOW, but worth starting from somewhere. We need to try different approaches or be open to try. For example: the change in our release testing, i.e introducing the internal release process is something i think will optimise our overall release regression test cycle. What F raised is another valid point. We do need to find the balance between "customer is the king" vs "product engineering best practices". do it multiple times vs do it once and right which might be a little more time consuming we do need to understand the tradeoffs here, i.e. sometimes reacting to a customer issue with hacky ways and quick fixes might really help us but other times the time and effort to do things the right way would be way cheaper and faster. we as a team need to get better in understanding this tradeoff and there is no right or wrong way here but more like "what would fit to the custom situation we are in" 3. inter-team collaboration, not receiving timely feedback: a. have design docs or architecture decision records here to keep track of decisions made and feedback. b. when people really want to come back to give feedback or realise why are we taking a particular approach, then this documentation would help. c. not always people would come back to give feedback. everyone is busy at their own pace, and may not have the right context at a particular point of time. d. we cannot be blocked by waiting for feedback but need to know that the right people involved are taking the right decision and stay accountable and own the topic. e. share async snippets and ask for feedback with a deadline and send timely reminders.