Women Who Code Fellowship 2021 - My experience

Posted on Sun 07 August 2022 in Leadership

I gave my first keynote at WWCode Connect Recharge 2022. I am humbled by this opportunity. As a leadership fellow with WWCode I get to interact with the community and be recognised as a leader outside of my regular day to day job too. Thank you WWCode!

I got featured in Forbes - Link

How has having female leadership helped you in your career?

It has helped to bring in more women/female easily into the job.

What would you tell the women leaders who has impacted your career?

Thank you for being there and continuing to be awesome.

What traits have you or want to mimic based on other women in leadership?

I like being authentic about myself. It is about who I am and being able to bring myself wholly into the job. I encourage others to do the same. Creating this kind of environment where everyone can be authentic about themselves is what I strive for. Empathy is the next important trait I care about. I was once asked “how to empathise with people when you haven’t been in the situation”. During these times I like to take the time to learn more about the situation itself. Listening well helps to empathise in situations when you cannot show direct empathy.

What is your personal philosophy about being a great leader?

Great leader is about being a good human being first. To define a great leader in one line - “it is to be able to hold the helm when the sea is not calm”.