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Hello World

March 9, 2020 • ☕️ 1 min read

I recently subsribed to Monica Lent’s newsletter to get better with blogging, writing content and mainly learning and getting better with SEO.

As a first step, I am migrating away from my old Wordpress blog to a self owned one and I choose Gatsby.

In the past, I’ve tried Jekyll and Hugo static site generators but was not happy when I had to make some small changes and the learning curve there was too high.

I really like Gatsby, given my React experience, and I am finally happy with a static site generator.

So here I am, with a new digital garden of my own.

The blog theme is based from Dan Abramov’s personal blog with tweaks to have tags. The CSS is inspired from modernCSS.dev.

The this bug

There seems to be a bug when you create your first blog post, Gatsby will complain saying error. Luckily I searched on the internet and found a hack. If it is your only post, then you need to add the following into your blog page:

[this](<blop-page-name>). If you look at Github, then this first post has a this keyword with the name of the blog page.

Have fun with Gatsby!