How to handle anxiety at work?

Posted on Thu 01 September 2022 in Leadership

I am going through a lot of stress and anxiety these days and also I switched to new job. I am unable to perform since I am not focussed. Also taking some counselling. My manager has appointed a team lead to work with me daily for 2 hour and now gives me regular feedback, they pin point me for very small thing now. I feel somehow my job is not secured. Can I gave my this reason to employer for stress and anxiety as a reason to them for not being able to concentrate.? Will it secure my job ?


Not to conflict with what others have said above, I truly respect the answers above. Here is my take, especially being a manager. I would truly appreciate if you could be as honest and transparent to your manager, I don't know your manager, but this is what I would wish from my direct reports. I had a similar case, where my report had to go on a long medical leave and I truly supported that. You can talk to your doctor and ask for a special letter which will let you take leave for up to 6 weeks, beyond which (I am not very sure, something to check with the HR) I think it goes unpaid or is partially covered from your health insurance. But in your case, since you are in the probationary period, I assume because its mentioned you started a new job recently, going on a longer medical leave might backfire against you