3 tips for volunteer management

Posted on Wed 15 June 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with wwcode, priorities, advice

As a Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code, I talk to many folks interested in volunteering. These folks are either students or full-time job holders. They are usually excited about the prospect, but many fail to balance their time or even find the time and are ultimately unable to uphold …

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Archives from princiya.com/blog

Posted on Wed 15 June 2022 in Javascript • Tagged with blog

This is my new blog home based on Pelican.

See hello-pelican post.

Meanwhile, all old posts are here. I hope to migrate all of them to one place, soon!

My Pitch

Posted on Sat 04 June 2022 in Bio • Tagged with resume, pitch

It's been 10 months since I joined Anaconda and I realised I hadn't updated my Linkedin bio or other references to reflect this new job in the description.

I 💙 food and JavaScript! At Anaconda, I am now getting Pythonised!

I am a skilled programmer with strong communication skills and a …

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Things that made me smile today

Posted on Mon 30 May 2022 in Journal • Tagged with random

Happy Monday! Yet another Monday, but I had a relaxing day today after a 4 day long weekend.

Bonus, it is US holiday today, it is memorial day there and my US colleagues are having a long weekend too. This is also the reason why my day is not too …

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What to learn

Posted on Sun 29 May 2022 in Mentoring • Tagged with learning

Today is the end of the 4 day long weekend. I have had a great Sunday so far, and I still have time today to quickly jot down something for a daily blog post.

I spend time with the WWCode Frontend technical track community as a Leadership Fellow. During the …

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Leader vs Manager

Posted on Sat 28 May 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with interview

I am an Engineering Manager and an Engineering Leader. What is the difference?

This can be an interview question and it is very important to be prepared with a good answer here.

When I was asked this interview question during one of the panel rounds at Anaconda, I really liked …

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How I spent my holiday

Posted on Fri 27 May 2022 in Journal • Tagged with random

It is a 4-day long weekend. Yesterday, 26th May was a German public holiday, and today is a snake day holiday from Anaconda.

I spent the entire day yesterday preparing for my keynote talk at WWCode Connect 2022, which was very well received. There was a lot of positive feedback …

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Reset and Recharge - my first keynote

Posted on Thu 26 May 2022 in Talks • Tagged with career, story, advice, wwcode

Cover image

Slides - Reset and Recharge

When the phone battery drains, what do we do? When the laptop gets heated up, what do we do? We are forced to shut it down, or buy a replacement in the worst case. In this era, the blinking red battery icons on our smartphones, tablets …

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How does a successful career look like

Posted on Wed 25 May 2022 in Mentoring • Tagged with career, interview

I had to replace my sick colleague today for an interview. As an Engineering Manager I do a lot of interviews as the hiring manager. Today's interview I was in the panel to test the candidate's ability & humility.

My last question to this candidate was:

What does success look like …

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My onboarding experience in a remote world

Posted on Tue 24 May 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with onboarding

Cover image

I joined Anaconda in September 2021. During the pandemic, although I got used to working in a remote work setup, starting a new job in a remote first setup was difficult.

The difference

During my time at Curalie, ~1 year was spent in pandemic and remote setup. Things were direct …

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