Women Who Code Fellowship 2021 - My experience

Posted on Sun 07 August 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with wwcode

I gave my first keynote at WWCode Connect Recharge 2022. I am humbled by this opportunity. As a leadership fellow with WWCode I get to interact with the community and be recognised as a leader outside of my regular day to day job too. Thank you WWCode!

I got featured …

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Women Who Code Fellowship 2021 - The application phase

Posted on Thu 07 July 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with wwcode

This was my pitch while applying for the wwcode fellowship.

Hi, My name is Princiya Sequeira. I am from India but now living in Germany. thanks to the job advertisement I found in the Women who code's newsletter 6 years ago which landed me a job here in Berlin. I …

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3 tips for volunteer management

Posted on Wed 15 June 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with wwcode, time management, advice

As a Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code, I talk to many folks interested in volunteering. These folks are either students or full-time job holders. They are usually excited about the prospect, but many fail to balance their time or even find the time and are ultimately unable to uphold …

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Reset and Recharge - my first keynote

Posted on Thu 26 May 2022 in Leadership • Tagged with career, story, advice, wwcode, speaking

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Slides - Reset and Recharge

When the phone battery drains, what do we do? When the laptop gets heated up, what do we do? We are forced to shut it down, or buy a replacement in the worst case. In this era, the blinking red battery icons on our smartphones, tablets …

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